MYCHANIC: Sidekick Stool a Must Have!

Words & Photos by: Karen Sullivan

It's black, it's green, and it's a smashing hit in my home garage. My husband and I fight over this stool every time we end up in the garage working on different projects at the same time.


The MYCHANIC Sidekick Stool is a great item to have in your garage. It comes easy to assemble, just put the wheels on and you're in business. Personally, my favorite color is green so having a brand come out on the market with a different color scheme from the red and blue you typically see was just an added bonus. 

This stool features two drawers in the front, two magnetic flip trays on the sides and a tool rack on the back (which is removable if you decide you would prefer not to use that).


The drawers in the front are of varying depth so you have some room to put various sized tools in them. The magnetic trays on the side always save the bolts I'm taking off a project that need to go back on...not rolling around on the garage floor or somewhere else on the vehicle (this is a stab at my husband, sorry honey!). I swear we play nice most of the time. The cushion is comfortable to sit on for an extended period of time, and the stool rolls around uneven garage floors effortlessly. Since having this in our garage, it is our go to whenever working on a vehicle. 

Definitely a must have for the garage chick intent on getting down to business working on her stuff. 

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