Product Review: Bridgemoto Racing Gloves

Words and Photos: Taylor Haney


When it comes to going fast, safety should always be any drivers number one priority. One automotive safety equipment company Bridgemoto, sets themselves apart by offering vibrant, safe and quality equipment for beginner or seasoned drivers.

During the Hangoverfest event this last January in Memphis, Tennessee, I had the opportunity to try out one of their custom Stealth SFI gloves in black and pink. Out of the box, the quality and flexibility of the fabric allows for a perfect fit for all hand types, even for my long fingers! You best believe I had zero trouble gripping the steering wheel tight during the drift event. On top of that, I was grateful since the day turned out to be a rainy and cold one. Even though these aren’t winter gloves, it was better than nothing at all.

“At Bridgemoto we love to customize products for our customers. This glove was made for one of our friends over at Itrackmotorsports who wanted pink gloves for his fiance as a surprise. Anna loved them!” Rachel Dettling at Bridgemoto said in an email. In addition to custom gloves, ask Bridgemoto about their custom racing suits. Rachel said, “We do tailored fit suits on request and this makes a huge difference in proper protection.”

For more information on Bridgemoto and the products they offer, visit them at your local racing event or