Ladies' Motorsports Mentor Program

Car Chix, the premier motorsports organization for women, has launched a mentor program to help men, women and youth of all ages. The Car Chix Mentor Program was created in an effort to further educate, promote and support individuals looking to get involved and/or further succeed in the motorsports and automotive industry.

Provided by Car Chix

Provided by Car Chix

Leading the Car Chix Mentor Program are Official Car Chix Members: IHRA Pro Mod CHampion, Dina Parise of Dina Parise Racing; Natalie Hirschfield of Hirschfield Family Motorsports; Jennifer Zolper of Prison City Customs; Nikkita Martino; Danielle Dobczyk; The First Lady of True Street, Lea Ochs; Cheryl Hryn of Cheryl Hryn Racing and Tonya Pennington of Pennington Racing. Combined, the Car Chix members hold an undeniable wealth of knowledge and experience in the motorsports and automotive industries both personally and professionally.

“We are always searching for new ways to help people,” says Car Chix President & Founder Jeanette DesJardins, “With the Car Chix Mentor Program, we will not only be able to help individuals looking for advice or guidance, we will be able to encourage and play a supportive role for the next generation of racers, gearheads and enthusiasts.”

The Car Chix Mentor Program is free to all individuals who choose to participate. Individuals seeking advice and guidance submit a ‘Mentor Request’ Form on the Car Chix Website and the appropriate Car Chix Mentor is then assigned to the individual based on the type of question, advice or motorsports/enthusiast discipline. To submit a Car Chix Mentor Request, please visit:

About Car Chix Car Chix is the premier motorsports organization for women. Since 2010, the award winning organization has been advertising, promoting and providing resources world-wide to women in motorsports and the automotive industries. In addition, Car Chix has a pristine reputation for delivering motorsports events geared towards women, including the Car Chix Ladies Only Drag Races and the Drag Racing for Life Breast Cancer Fundraiser. For more information on Car Chix, visit: