GlasWeld Announces Program to Support The Growth of Women In The Auto Glass Repair Industry

Words by: GlasWeld Photos: Courtesty of Glasweld

The kickoff event will be held on June 2nd in Austin, TX and will include mentoring, business coaching, competition sponsorship, and advanced hands-on training.


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GlasWeld has announced the launch of an innovative new program called “#WomenRockRepair.” This new program will serve as a platform to assist in establishing women-owned small businesses and the hiring of more women technicians within the glass repair industry. It is designed to inspire and support women technicians through competition sponsorship, mentoring, and hands-on training as well as operational and business support for women interested in entering the field.

Shiloh Spoo, president of GlasWeld, said, “Women all over the world are looking to start their own businesses or grow their careers. The #WomenRockRepair program is all about three core ideas: 1) Inspire women entrepreneurs to consider starting a windshield repair business; 2) Inspire women in the auto glass industry to expand their skill set; 3) Encourage auto glass decision makers to consider hiring more female techs.”

“Some of the most skilled technicians that I’ve ever met happen to be women. They tend to be very detail-oriented, diligent and personable, which leads to high-quality repairs and happy customers,” Spoo went on to say. “We believe that female repair techs can compete at the highest level, not just in a windshield repair competition, but in business in general.”

 To highlight this initiative, GlasWeld has sponsored female techs from all over the country to compete in the upcoming Auto Glass Repair Competition in San Antonio, Texas. In preparation for this, women techs and representatives of their companies are invited to the Competition Training Day event in Austin, Texas on June 2, 2018. This day of hands-on training and coaching will include advanced repair technique training, competition preparation coaching, and business consulting from GlasWeld and former finalist and winners.

Windshield repair is a great business opportunity for female entrepreneurs. It offers incredible margins, a very low investment entry point, scheduling flexibility, and very little overhead.

Those interested in learning more details about the program are encouraged to contact GlasWeld with a phone call at 800.321.2597 or send an email to