VWGirls: An International Female Car Crew

Words by: Melody Bailey

A solid foundation is important in any organization, and in order for a car club to continue growing its foundation is equally as important. Boasting a member base of over 1,000 members VWGirls is an international car crew consisting only of females who have a deep passion for Volkswagens and/or Audis. Based in Canada, VWGirls is not only the biggest all-car girl crew in the country, it is the biggest Volkswagen themed all-girl crew worldwide. VWGIRLS attend large events in their region to support their love of Volkswagens and encourage other girls to do the same.

VWGIRLS was founded in 2013 by Mélissa Savard from Quebec, Canada with the idea of bringing all women with a passion for Volkswagen and Audis together. “In a male-dominant scene, it is not always easy to get acknowledged for our hard work. With that said, our mission is to unite and show the world what women can achieve. We take pride proving that women do have a place in the automotive industry/scene.” She continues, “We currently have members representing us in Canada, United States, Sweden, England, France, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and many more! We want to keep growing and have members representing in all countries and regions! That is the reason VWGirls was created.”

First, she created a page on Instagram (@vwgirls) strictly reserved to girls with Volkswagens. She wanted to see their cars and to connect with them. Next she created a private Facebook group where girls could chat, ask questions, and share their love for Volkswagens with others like her. Melissa says, “The Instagram page grew quickly, and it was impressive to see how many girls actually had a true passion for these cars. That is when the idea of a girls-only Volkswagen crew came up. There were a lot of ‘car girl’ crews in the automotive scene already but, at the time, none were dedicated to only one brand. Also, none were officially organized. Most groups would simply ask for a picture of your car, and then you would automatically become a member. Becoming a VW Girl isn’t as easy. To become part of the team, you have to fill out a two-page application. All of our members have a Member Identification number and are well identified. With their Member ID associated with their application, we know which car(s) every girl in our crew has, as well as their name, location, modifications, preferences, and social media information. This helps us keep in touch and stay organized.”

VWGirls has a Facebook page with more than 50,000 likes and an Instagram account with more than 35,000 followers. Here you will see posts of new members as well as photos of the cars of the current members. They also post all VWGIRLS updates, like upcoming events and announcements. Melissa says, “After receiving a lot of support from the Instagram and Facebook group pages, it was decided to also create a public Facebook page (www.facebook.com/VWGIRLS), dedicated to the crew. Since then, we’ve designed t-shirts, hoodies, lanyards, hats, key chains, air fresheners, phone cases and many more fun items that we are selling in our online store, where we also offer car/VW/Audi related products.”

Melissa states, “Our members' ages range from 16 to 70+ years old and their professions are very diverse from one another. We have women who are nurses, teachers, mechanics, pharmacists, etc., as well as students and retired women. It is vital to our club that all VWGirls members accept all other VW/Audi owners that would like to join the movement. After nearly 5 years of VWGIRLS existing, I am very happy to be a part of a drama-free environment. I have met so many incredible women along the way as well as seeing lots of new friendships growing from our similar interests. As a future for the club I see is growth in all ways possible. Every year we multiply our amount of member. We are getting more and more visibility every day. One day, I hope to have members in every city of the world and possibly have a huge worldwide event. We also look forward to participating in more charity events in the future.”