How do I order a copy of Girls 'N Garages magazine? 

By signing up for our Newsletter you will be notified when the magazine goes on pre-order. The magazine itself will be on pre-order for one to two weeks before ordering closes. 

If past copies are available they will be put up in the Shop to order. 

I have an idea for an article. How do I submit it for consideration?

Submissions and ideas for articles are always welcome at Girls 'N Garages magazine. You can submit your ideas through here



What is the Garage Sisterhood collective? 

Information on the Garage Sisterhood Collective can be found here

What is the Garage Sisterhood collective REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY? 

If you want to cancel, please email us your name, and the email address that your account is under.

Once quarterly packets start going out, your cancelation notification will need to be BEFORE the first of the month, because we post new monthly material on the first of the month, and ship packets at the beginning of the month.

If you cancel before the first of the month, you will not be charged. If you reach out to us and ask to cancel for the month AFTER the first of the month, we are able to refund you IF we have not shipped the monthly packets yet.