Membership to Garage Sisterhood Collective


Are you....

SEARCHING FOR YOUR "PEOPLE"? You move from group to group but never feel like you’ve found your place. You crave a genuine group of women who care about building more than just a career or about being competitive. 

Do you....

CRAVE DIRECTION & PURPOSE? You’re struggling to find the larger purpose in what you do. You find yourself questioning if the automotive realm is right for you, whether you made the right choice. Maybe you also want to make a larger impact within the automotive community and help more women understand their vehicles and really be a part of this movement that is coming. 

KNOW YOU'RE CAPABLE OF MORE? You know you have potential that’s waiting to be unleashed. You know that you’re capable of making big waves in the automotive realm, but you don’t know where or how to start. 


Join the Garage Sisterhood Collective and unlock the community, resources and experiences to help you thrive as a lady gearhead. From savvy shop owners and founders of female car clubs, crazy talented mechanics, innovative hobbyists, and women planning their next chapter, you’ll belong to a community of badasses who know first hand what it is like being a women in automotive. Beyond those incredible connections, the Collective hooks you up with resources, events, and perks that support your inner petrolhead and get you closer to your dreams--from vetted business resources and mentors, to special promotions from a host of brands curated just for you. 



Consider it your virtual lady gearhead library you can access from anywhere:

Woman and Machine Challenge Question Videos

Access to past monthly 'Garage' Podcasts

Various printable downloads & other goodies



The best part of the membership are the women who make it :)

Connect with other badass, inspiring women who are working at building a life, not just a career

If you’re local to one of our national chapters, attend an in-person event. If you’re not local, attend our digital event!

Private Facebook group & weekly Slack chats where we connect

Learn from peer to peer mentoring, make new friends and help change the perception of automotive women! 

Sound interesting and something you want to be a part of?

Sign up below and when we launch in the Spring of 2018 be the first to join. 

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